Three Gems of the Web – Every Tuesday (5)

Hi there,

Sorry I didn’t post too much last week, but we were away in a very special place, and we have been running all day long to absorb as much as we could of the vibe of my favorite city in the world, London.
Nevertheless, I couldn’t miss my series post. Every Tuesday I try to suggest you places on the web that I come across and find interesting, useful or amusing. Here are my picks for this week:

1. Overheard in New York – we all know that New York is a world’s cradle for innovation and creativity. This website is no exception. It started around the idea that New Yorkers would contribute to the site by submitting snippets of conversations they have heard around the city. It then became such a success that it spread across the globe and developed new versions of the first thread such as “Overheard in the Office” or “Overheard at the Beach”. Go and have a look if you are in the mood for a little laugh and a lot of genuine absurd :))

2. ReWork is a platform developed by Google aiming at sharing their acquired knowledge and practices regarding work, productivity, and all the things related to it. It offers step by step guides to achieving work related goals, access to videos and documents, a blog, access to a LinkedIn community and several case studies. It is worth checking if you are a manager or considering a management position in the future, or if you want to improve your work environment. So many good ideas!

3. Quora a social media platform that answers all of your questions.
Here is how Carl Logan, a top writer on Quora describes it “Ever wanted to know why the sky is blue? What are the best vacation spots within two hours drive of x? Want to help others in their pursuit of knowledge? Sure you could do a google search for a answer to your question “How do I meet members of the opposite sex?” ….you might fish around on the internet for hours without any success whilst Quora is like asking your Grandparent who will give you some advice and provide a funny anecdote of how they met their significant other during World War II. ”
Dive in, you can use your Facebook account!

Hope you like my three picks! If so, check the previous “Three Gems of the Web” posts here and here. Happy Tuesday!

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