Three Gems from the Web – Every Tuesday (7) but not this Tuesday :))

Hello all,

I haven’t spent online more than 3 hours this week, and therefore, I have no gems to unearth for you. Nevertheless, I have some thoughts about what it feels to be away from the Internet for a week:

  • generally life is much more intense than the innumerate hours spent on the Internet;
  • the less Internet you consume, the better you sleep;
  • the Internet as a navigation tool, as a phone-book, as an information center, as a weather forecast, as a sharing tool, are all useful and taken for granted;
  • the less you get involved with it, the less trouble it gives you;
  • the more you move physically, the less you use the Internet;
  • big data is free but making sense of it is very expensive;
  • the more people you have around you, the less internet you need;
  • big data is biased, is about lonely people only;
  • people revert to Internet when they are not happy with what is happening around the
  • following the example of “Earth Day” (when we switch off electricity) we should have an “Offline Day” to remind us of the important things in life.
Happy Tuesday and have a great summer, everybody!
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