Social Media News of the Week – YouTube demonetization scandal and more …

Hello there, I am publishing this week’s social media news as picked up from social media. I figured I could do this for you since I am reading all there is about it anyway. I am still trying to figure out which day of the week might work best for you, therefore I am publishing […]

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Social Media News of the Week: You can finally zoom in on Instagram … and more

Hello there, Since we’re spending so much time trying to understand the social media world and to scratch under the surface so as to get the subtleties and, hopefully, the tendencies of this great human and technological  phenomenon, we thought it might be a good idea to let you know on the latest news that […]

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Terrorism and Social Media

Terrorist attacks have become an ordinary happening in today’s world. The more they happen, the less affected we become and the less willing to do something about it. Though, if you give it a little thought, you might realize that terrorists are a Facebook user or a google search away from you, your household and […]

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