What does COVID-19 mean for cybersecurity?

An empirical analysis on how COVID-19 influenced cybersecurity globally, accompanied by a case study for Romania. Romanian version: English Version: Dan Tofan: What does COVID-19 mean for cybersecurity?

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I’m Going to Webstock 2016!

Hello, Tomorrow I will be breathing the same air and thinking about the same topics as Adrian Hadean, George Buhnici, Dana Rogoz, Vlad Petreanu, Bromania, Zoso, Cristian China Birta and many more (sorry, names appealing only to my Romanian audience). And that is because tomorrow I am participating to the new Webstock edition, the most […]

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Bucharest Local Elections 2016 in social media

What does social media say about the Bucharest local elections on 05.06.2016? In the picture above you can find a rather simple semantic analysis taken out of Twitter for the first three contenders to become the mayor of Bucharest, Romania’s capital, in the 2016 elections. I will not go into too much detail on them […]

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