Newsletter 20 – January 25, 2019

Some interesting stuff that I found online:


The glorified values around cyber security –

Full Report on the Equifax breach –

A Pedagogic Cybersecurity Framework A proposal for teaching the organizational, legal, and international aspects of cybersecurity –

EU Commision’s bug bounty program with prizes from 3.000 to 25.000 EURO –

France declares that “cyber war has begun” and they reserve their right to use cyber to respond to attacks –

Managed Detection and Response (MDR), a Snapshot of the Future of Cybersecurity Services –


World Economic Forum 2019 Risk Report –


Biggest technology breakthroughs of 2018 –

EU Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI –

The fake internet. How much of the Internet related stats are fake? –

The biggest technology failures of 2018 –

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