Newsletter 17 – November 08, 2018

Some interesting stuff that I found online:



Promising, Canadian spy agency releases its top anti-malware analysis tool for free –

Great report from an EU body an Russian cyber strategy and modus operandi –

Cyber-crime, to become even more lucrative in the very near future –

Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report 2018, one of the most comprehensive industry report –

A nice post about the permanent “disagreements” between IT  guys and security guys –

UK’s NCSC introduces Cyber Assessment Framework v2.0 –

UK’s NCSC on publicly available hacking tools –



Some insights into Silicon Valley’s “engineering-and-data-obsessed monoculture that invites little input from people outside the bubble”  –



Thrilling, brain hacking as a possible next step –

USA’s first quantum key distribution (QKD) network: “keys […] are sent in the form of […] qubits. […] any attempt to snoop on a qubit immediately destroys its delicate quantum state, wiping out the information it carries and leaving a telltale sign of an intrusion.” –

An interesting view upon the future of Artificial Intelligence and Cybernetics –


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