You are a product! Do not delude yourself, you are not a customer anymore, you are a commodity!

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While we apparently know what we’re getting into, meaning we know the difference between various social networks, read their ever-changing and never-ending privacy policies and we define our preferences as to what and how we contribute to a given platform, people with special training, often stop and engage in serious categorization adventures with regard to who we are (the users of social networks) how we behave, what interests us, what we share, what we don’t share, how much it affects us and how does that translate into our purchasing habits. And the more accurately we are profiled, the more valuable we are.

…And yes, you got it, It all comes down to making us use that credit card right then and there, on our sofa, with our brand new Mac book Air on your lap and broadband internet connection. Furthermore, the more you think about it, the more you realize that instead of being the rightful customer you have always been, you have unfortunately become a commodity that app owners, web service providers, social media giants and numerous other businesses sell back and forth for the only purpose of making you buy more stuff.

According to Google, people spend on average 30 hours a week connected to the internet, out of which approximately 1/3 is on social media. Keeping in mind that the numbers have been growing steadily over the last decade, we will soon reach the 40 hour threshold, equal to that of the most commonly accepted duration of the workweek.

And yes, I am meaning that in the near future, people will voluntarily spend 1/3 of their lifetime online, just as much as they are supposed to be working and be productive.

While many of the jobs nowadays involve being constantly online, please let me remind you that these are average numbers. with serious differences along age groups, residency and nationality.

Another fact is that more than half of the world population is connected to the internet, meaning that this average is calculated over more than 3.5 billion subjects. These are not statistics, these are facts!

In conclusion, we are 3.5 billion living products that work like ants 1/3 of our lifetime for the benefit of the few. Go figure!

If you do not believe me, have a look at this film, where a specialist tells it like it is.

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