Three Gems from the Web – Every Tuesday (9)

Hello there,

How are you doing? I imagine you are either on holiday, or planning one, or maybe recovering from one. So since it is clear that we are all into the holiday topics more than into anything else, I am here to suggest to you three gems related to … what else? … HOLIDAYS.

1. Here – if you don’t know this app yet you are missing out. It is the best GPS you can have on your smartphone, and you don’t need Internet. Nevertheless, you need to download your maps in advance. So plan your travel well, and go discover without fear of getting lost or huge roaming bills for data traffic.

2. WiFi Map – is a great app that you will find extremely useful when traveling or when you are out and about in the city. It will give you the nearest wifi networks together with … THE PASSWORDS (how great is that?). So make sure to install this app before you go on holidays and you will be able to post fresh photos on your social media literally everywhere. And since we are talking mobile data traffic, try installing Onavo Extend to make better use of your mobile data plan. This app will help you get much more traffick for the buck you spend on your mobile internet subscription and that is particularly important when you are traveling abroad, is it not?

3. SunSmart– its name is relatively straight forward, it’s a sunscreen reminder app. Nevertheless, using this app will make you feel much better about your exposure to the sun, especially when you have kids. It’s free and rather basic, but very much used by us.

Hope you liked our picks. There are dozens of other useful things out there. Never forget to check Airbnb for alternative accomodation options, Skyscanner for alternative air ticket flights, and Uber or Waze to help you get around.

Happy holidays!

PS: I put in the links to the iTunes versions of the apps, but they are all available for free on GooglePLay for Android users as well.

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