Three Gems from the Web – Every Tuesday (14)

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

This week I am in a happy mood, in part because I am travelling, but also because of this week’s three picks. They are three gems to bring a little playfulness and inspiration to our lives. I am sure you will like them once you give them a try:

1. Pick number one is my favorite of the three, is an app/game/website called It is an interactive and innovative platform that will require your basic drawing skills to create beautiful and entertaining story lines. Start by trying episode one and two on the website to get a sense of what it is, and then, go on and opt for one of the available apps to play the full game.

2. Zoobe –  is an app that allows you to create beautiful animated messages to share with friends, family or colleagues that will turn your voice message into a beautiful and amusing cartoon. You have plenty of characters to chose from, and the videos you will create will be very vivid and professional looking. The app is free and available on all platforms. All you need is a good occasion and a little imagination.

3. Makeup Genius – an app developed by L’Oreal to enable women to try on their products before buying them online, is much more fun than it seems. You literally try on lipstick or eye makeup just by holding your phone in front of your face. To give you a sense of how it works, it is very much like the stickers on Snapchat, only that they apply makeup. It is funny and for women could be even useful, at some point, as you can discover new makeup options or L’Oreal products that you like. And yes, make sure, when picking the country you live in, to opt for US or UK so that the selection of products you can try on is the largest available.

These are my weekly picks. Have fun and please try out at least one of them. You will like them for sure!

My best!

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