Three Gems from the Web – Every Tuesday (13)

Hello, hello,

Since I figure you are at least a little bit interested in social media, and so as to invite you to think further about its impact, I want to propose three films that have to do with social media, or the future of social media. I would be delighted if you already saw any of these three and you would want to start a conversation on them.

But, without further ado, here are this week’s picks:

1. Disconnect – is a very touching and profound film.


It’s been released in 2012 and I think we first watched it 2 years ago. We liked it enough to recommend it to all our friends and family. It makes you think about social media and the way it gets us connected. I am sure you will like it if you take the time to see it.

2. Her – I am not linking the trailer for this one for fear that it would take ages to open this page, but here is the IMDb link. This film isn’t particularly plausible right now, but could be in the very near future. It’s the story of a man falling in love with an AI.

3. Inside experience – I am not sure you are familiar with the social film concept. If you are not, read more here. Inside, is thus, a 2011 social film thriller financed by Intel and Toshiba, with the scope of marketing their new laptop release.  It was directed and written by D. J. Caruso and starred Emmy Rossum as Christina. The film was broken into several segments across multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Viewers were then challenged to help Christina successfully survive her predicament. The first part of the series premiered on July 25, 2011 for anyone participating in the “real-time experience”. The whole film became available for online viewing on September 6, 2011. Below is the link to the entire film and details of it’s making can be found here.

Enjoy watching these wonderful films ad let us know what you think!

Happy Tuesday!

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