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Newsletter 19 – December 18, 2018

Some interesting stuff that I found online:   SECURITY: Top 100 worldwide influencers in cyber security  – 60 Cybersecurity Predictions For 2019 – The worst cyber attacks of the past 10 years – Secureworks State of Cybercrime Report 2018 – The 6 reasons why Huawei gives the US and its allies […]

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Can AI really benefit cyber security?

  The intro Artificial Intelligence (AI)! Oh my, that sounds exciting and disturbing in the same time. Exciting because man has always fantasized about playing God, and now we are as closer as we ever got to this. Disturbing, because, some say [1] [2] [3], a superior form of intelligence, such as AI, might indisputably […]

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Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) put an end to the human race?!

If you are even a bit technology savvy  you’d probably run into at least 1-2 posts about AI in your feeds. There’s a plethora of articles out there exploring the multitude of advantages that AI could bring, branching into two rather extreme theories: one of them is that in the near future humanity might need […]

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