Sharing on Social Media?

This is a topic that is very dear to me, because one of my core beliefs is that information is most valuable when it is shared. Nevertheless, we not always decide to share information that we find useful or interesting. Why is that? To start, I had a look at a survey conducted by Oglivy […]

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Three Gems from the web – Every Tuesday

Today I am launching  a series of posts that will be here every Tuesday entitled “Three Gems from the Web” Basically, I will be posting my top three places to visit on the web that will hopefully prove useful to you and that will potentially enrich your existence. Here are my first picks: Pick 1. […]

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Why do people hit the “Like” button?

This is a topic I came up with while talking to my husband over a delicious Greek lunch. He’d just posted on Facebook a bunch of photos from our trip to Zakynthos  and we had a look at how many likes he’d got. And then we started talking … After that talk, I put a bit […]

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