Social Media News of the Week – Snapchat Spectacles Craze, Instagram Stories and much more

We have plenty of social media news this week form all the big platforms. Stay ahead of the game! Exciting news from Snapchat Snapchat  spread the US in the last weeks with bot vending machines that look like minions. They sell Spectacles glasses that allow you to film and take photos, and which are integrated […]

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Social Media News of the Week – YouTube demonetization scandal and more …

Hello there, I am publishing this week’s social media news as picked up from social media. I figured I could do this for you since I am reading all there is about it anyway. I am still trying to figure out which day of the week might work best for you, therefore I am publishing […]

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Content Moderation – The Undignified Work in Social Media

 Today I am touching a sensitive subject  – content moderation in social media. The reason it is a sensitive matter is because the work of content moderation itself constitutes the tenuous job of erasing all the dirt, the crime, the outrageous, the terrifying and the abominable that humans are capable of putting on the web. […]

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