Newsletter 26 – May 02, 2019

Some interesting stuff that I found online:  



“Hidden backdoors” into Huawei’s equipment –

Lessons learned from Maersk after NotPetya-  

Good point of view on what is “reasonable security” –

ENISA’s human behavioral aspects of cyber security –

Top 25 women leaders in cyber security –



A bit far-fetched opinion on how algorithms are controlling us –

Facebook will open its data to academics, so that they analyse impact on elections, but only from 2017 onward –



About UiPath, a Romanian unicorn acting in the robotic process automation (RPA) industry –



A new type of quantum computer – 

The most hyped technologies, between 2000-2018 –

Serious quantum computers are here, what we can do with them –

McKinsey on confronting the risk of AI –

Terrifying potential of 5G networks –



My latest post on the future of cyber –

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