Newsletter 19 – December 18, 2018

Some interesting stuff that I found online:



Top 100 worldwide influencers in cyber security  –

60 Cybersecurity Predictions For 2019 –

The worst cyber attacks of the past 10 years –

Secureworks State of Cybercrime Report 2018 –

The 6 reasons why Huawei gives the US and its allies security nightmares –

Researchers reveal how easily Signal, Telegram and WhatsApp messages can be hijacked –

Can AI really benefit cyber security? –



The 15 fastest growing tech skills that also pay better –

Useful guide on how to lead your company into the AI era –



“Some US experts think it could take at least 20 years to get quantum-proof encryption widely deployed” –

What Artificial Intelligence Can and Can’t Do Right Now –

“The blockchain will set us free!” … or not! –


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