8 things that I can do on Social Media that I wish I could do in real life

Not everything that exists on social media is necessarily worse than real life. There are a whole lot of things that we can do online that we cannot do in real life, and that is probably why we became all addicted in such a short time. Here are my eight picks. Please regard them in a humorous note and feel free to add your own in the comments bellow or on our Facebook Page @newsocialmediageek.

1. Unfollow people: – It is never easy to let go of the negative people in our lives, especially if they live in our proximity. We can all imagine how handy it would be to have an “unfollow” button at work… right?

2. Make myself look 10 years younger: – I wish I had a magic brush that would wipe a good few years off my face that I could use in the mornings, just as you can use FaceTune when posting on social media.

3. Delete something I say: – This is probably the most obvious feature that we would all like to have in real life, retract something we say, than edit our words to perfection. What a powerful tool would that be?
4. Talk to people while on the toilet: – according to a survey published on Inc.com  92% of social media users checked Facebook while in the bathroom, 49% texted and 30% answered the phone. While I have no true desire to talk to real people while in the bathroom, I enjoy being able to use my time to the max.
5. Sneaking in to see how my boss’s husband looks like: – I swear I have nothing to confess, but even if I did such a thing, nobody would know 🙂 … God bless social media for this opportunity!

6. Get 200 birthday wishes in a day and still be able to blow the candles at the end: – I remember many years back, when I used to be popular (:-)) and social media used to be fringe, I got a lot of “Happy Birthday” calls on my birthday (not even close to 200, though). This activity used to be very draining and occupied a lot of my day, to the extent that when it was finally party time I was exhausted (although very happy). This is not the case anymore. I get most of my good wishes on social media and then, I have plenty of time to stick to the important stuff (i.e. feeling sorry for myself 🙂 ).

7. Brag about superficial things to a few hundred people at the same time without looking (too) bad: – there is no other instance in real life where bragging is so acceptable and so easy. And let’s be honest, deep down, we all like to brag. Well, maybe if somebody invented a Bragging World Summit…
8. Let know all your exes, at the same time, that you got engaged: – Imagine how awkward it would be to call/text your exes and let them know that you are off the market and they should quit calling you late at night when they get drunk. Good job Facebook, you’ve made our lives much easier.

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Happy weekend everybody!

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