Three Gems of the Web – Every Tuesday (The Comeback 19)

Hello there,

What have you been up to? Well, we moved to another “house”, as you might have already noticed. We decided to move to our own domain and a new website built on the WordPress platform because it gives us many new opportunities to expand and create better visual content. Please be patient, we are still learning our way into this new platform. But I am sure that we are improving fast. After all, that is all that matters in the end. Is that right?

This week’s gems will give you some digital inspiration and lead you to the good content that exists out there outside the flood of clickbait, noise and recycled information on social media platforms. Here they are:

download1. App – 1 second every day: Video Diary

Is an app that allows you to film 1 second clips every day over long periods of time (such as 1 year) and compile them in videos that will bring back a world of memories and moments that you would otherwise forget. Here is the TED Talk describing the underlying idea and its benefits. This is a paid app, it costs 4.99$, but I think it is totally worth it. Imagine you could get to see your next year in 6 mintes, or your next 10 years in one hour.

qgnswsbr2. Article – “10 Learnings from 10 Years of Brain Pickings”

Did you know that the beloved was created by a Bulgarian called Maria Popova? Discover her in this heartfelt, inspiring and full of important life advice article (5-7 mins. read).

download-13. Blog – Farnam Street

Finally, if you like our blog (at least a little) and especially if you like, you would for sure like our third pick. I’ve just recently come across it and it is clearly, uniquely and usefully thumb-stopping. Go on and take a stroll and subscribe to their newsletter if you want to stay in touch on a weekly basis with their great articles.


P.S: Good to be back!

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